2018 to Determine the Future of Xbox | Ending a Generation or Just Starting to Ramp up?

Today’s video is a free form discussion about the future of Xbox and Xbox One. The year is just getting started and there is no doubt that a lot will happen in the gaming industry between now and December. Given how little we know about Team Xbox’s plans beyond Spring of this year I think it’s going to be a very important year for Microsoft to lay out the roadmap of what to expect. This could mark the beginning of the end of this generation with Microsofts planning to Look toward starting the Next generation early with a bang. However it could very well be the opposite, Microsoft could be just staring to ramp up game production and push harder to be successful this generation and end it with a bang. Either way we know there is a lot going on behind the scenes, it’s just a matter of waiting and watching. Big things are bound to happen no matter what Microsoft decides to do and I couldn’t be more excited.


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