Kingdom Hearts 3 Reactions – Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.12.18

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Tim tells us all about Monsters Inc. coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 while Greg nods along.

The Roper Report –
00:02:50 – #TimWasRight: Monsters Inc for KH3
00:10:00 – Pokemon Switch Localization? Via Pokemon Career Site via ResetEra
00:14:33 – Ubi Stuff, Far Cry 5 Set to Slay, via Daniel Ahmad
00:18:00 – Shadow of the Colossus Killin’ in the UK, via
00:26:09 – Nintendo Investor Q&A Dump, via GameSpot
00:32:44 – Top PSN Downloads for 1/2018
00:35:10 -The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:42:00 – Fundamental issue with Celeste – Dave Chanda
00:45:40 – The blossoming bromance between Tim and Gary – Wayne Salt
00:48:45 – With all the new Metroid Prime 4 news coming out, I have a very important question: will it support motion controls? – Matthew
00:50:48 – Squad Up: Sean(PS4/PC) Turnedfire (#1903 for Blizzard)
00:51:50 – New segment: Play this shit! – Dave W
00:52:55 – Gettys ass game
00:55:22 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Andrea


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