Highlight Reel #363 – This Car Ain’t Right

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1. Evil Within 2 – TheRedDeath26
In The Evil Within 2, very active reload.

2. Escape from Tarkov – Lofty
Here’s an experimental new technique in Escape from Tarkov

3. FIFA 18 – Aguero’s Disturbing skill moves in FIFA 18 – James Paret
In FIFA 18, absolutely flawless form.

4. Uncharted 4 – (direct file) Twigglets1988
This may be a tad overkill.

5. Fortnite BR – ExortTrionis
In Fortnite, this brutal way to die.

6. Call of Duty WWII – Just hangin’ – Botond Deák
In call of duty, dropped.

7. Call of Duty WWII – (direct file) BionicJaguar
He’s bleeding out and also he’s possessed!

8. Battlefield 1 – Scaluh2
In Battlefield 1, what a powerful gun.

9. Battlefield 1 – PackmanGaming
Also in Battlefield, the right gun at the right moment.

10. Legend of Zelda: BotW – Boom – Swiffy22
In Breath of the Wild, boom.

11. Legend of Zelda: BotW – Lil8267
Here, Link finds a new way to fly.

12. Overwatch – MirrorMaster
In Overwatch, 2 hitboxes in less than .02 seconds.

13. Overwatch (Edited) – Pauls Bunion Kream
In this well-edited overwatch clip, za warudo.

14. PU Battlegrounds – haftaswim
In Battlegrounds, Nice shot.

15. PU Battlegrounds – Ripskin16
Back pain got you down?

16. PU Battlegrounds – EightBitSpartan
Hole in one.

17. PU Battlegrounds – Kenwe
Lastly in Battlegrounds, just a couple of friends driving through town.

18. Next Car Game: Wreckfest – I’m not a car guy but this seems wrong – Gnusie Shaboozie
And lastly today, I’m not much of a car guy but this seems kinda wrong.

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