Need for Speed: Payback – Let’s Play – Electric Playground

Since 1995 EP has been covering the videogame industry and its surrounding culture. We’ve been interviewing game makers, movie makers, TV creators, actors, gadget makers, toy makers, comic book creators and a whole lot more for 20 years! The Electric Playground hit the airwaves in September 1997, the show went daily in 2008 and in 2015, EP wrapped up 25 seasons! Reviews on the Run was spun out from a segment in EP as its own show in 2002 (Judgment Day in the US/Reviews on the Run in Canada) and it also went daily in 2010. ROTR wrapped up 13 seasons in 2014. Vic’s Basement–our first weekly podcast–launched in 2012 and hundreds of audio and video episodes have been made. EPN was born to collect all of this content and that’s led to this: our all-inclusive and very inclusive YouTube Channel! We have a lot of history and lot more on the way. We’re glad you’re here! Hope you enjoy and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

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