Armored Warfare – GLOBAL OPS Trailer | PS4
With its revolutionary game mode – Global Operations – Armored Warfare will bring you into the heart of the modern battlefield. Never seen in tank games before, this unique PvP and PvE hybrid game mode blends longer term strategy with moment-to-moment tactics making your tank play dynamic and exciting as never before. Capture special zones, call airstrikes, get additional supplies, resist the enemy AI support and get your AI to cover your back, respawn during the battle – all this comes on large-scale maps for Real Tank Action!

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Armored Warfare – the future of modern tank shooters is coming to PlayStation®4. The military free-to-play MMO lets players take control of cutting-edge war machines and join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult co-op missions, compete with rival teams in PvP mode, or experience the real tank action in the revolutionary Global Operations – an explosive mix of competitive and cooperative play empowered by enlarged interactive maps with respawn zones, overhead surveillance drones, AI support, airstrikes, and much more.

Armored Warfare will be released on PlayStation®4 at the beginning of 2018.

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