GameSpot Theatre LIVE! @ PAX Aus 2017 – Friday October 27

GameSpot Theatre returns to PAX Australia with a swath of panels to inform and entertain. Featuring devs from Sonic Mania, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Netherealm Studios, and Square-Enix! For the full schedule, visit:


10:30 AM: So, You Wanna Be A Games Journalist?
12:00 PM: Expanding Horizons: Exploring Open World Gaming
1:30 PM: Are We Having Fun? Playing Games Critically
3:00 PM: Platform Paradigms: What Does the Future of Console Gaming Look Like?
4:30 PM: Photo Mode: Turning Games into Art Galleries
6:00 PM: What Makes a Fighting Game Good?
7:30 PM: The Future of Performance Capture with Plastic Wax
9:00 PM: The CheckPoint Series: Exclusive First Episode Preview
10:30 PM: The Infamous GameSpot Merch Giveaway Via Trivia Panel 2017

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