Highlight Reel #331 – High Five! Up Top!

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1. Titanfall 2 – DrinkyDoggo
In Titanfall 2, saved by the bell.

2. Battlefield 1 – (direct file) idieeasily
In Battlefield 1, man this guy really does not like idieeasily

3. Madden NFL 18
In Madden, this celebration gets out of hand.

4. Ghost Recon Wildlands bugged vol 1 -Luke Scott
In Ghost Recon, this is basically a Wile E Coyote joke.

5. Black Squad – die so fast (direct file) – WeasleFire
In Black Squad, life is fleeting.

6. Witcher 3 – AAggghhhh Oooo EEEE – MrCleggyWeggy
In Witcher 3, now everybody scream.

7. Uncharted 4 – _20170904133022 – luoguangwei (direct file)
In Uncharted 4,

8. For Honor – When your just trying to get through a doorway – BOT-Avakado
In For Honor, shugoki is thicc.

9. Dishonored 2 – Clumsy Guards – Ultrajet
The guards in Dishonored 2 are a tad clumsy.

10. Rainbow 6 Siege – Killing spawn peekers can be hard sometimes (GT: OS.SJ)
In rainbow 6, Ready for this?

11. Prey – I need more turrets!! – MrGreenToS
In Prey, I think you need more turrets.

12. DOOM – Mepto
In Doom, through the back!

13. Destiny – Rockie Juarez
In Destiny, Glitch or avant-garde noise album? You decide.

14. PU Battlegrounds – I got a bit distracted in PUBG 🙁 – TheMoOrtal
In Battlegrounds, I can understand being distracted here.

15. PU Battlegrounds – Thread the needle – Noah Lazega
Here, Noah Threads the needle.

16. Skyrim – Conner Ria
And lets end today with these confused pups in Skyrim.

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