Highlight Reel #304 – Forza Player Wins Hot Wheels Style

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1. Prey – Tarp Spin – TheNadeFace
In Prey, good spin on this tarp.

2. Forza Horizon 3 – Lucky Win – VIBLUDO
Here’s how to win in the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC.

3. XCOM 2 – Uniquely graceful. – (direct file) Luke John
In XCOM 2, Graceful.

4. Rainbow 6 Siege – Time to Uninstall – MegaMin96
In Rainbow 6 Siege: Welp, time to uninstall.

5. Final Fantasy XV – Is Gladio Halucinating Or Something – (direct file) imsteaky
In Final Fantasy XV, here’s what happens when you mess with strange cacti in the desert.

6. Star Wars Battlefront – boop – Tyron455
In Battlefront, that’s a force power I’ve never seen before.

7. GTA V – GTA Logic – Dzeiro
GTA logic.

8. Dark Souls 3 – ATwerkingYoshi
Here’s ATwerkingYoshi at it again, this time beating the abyss walkers with a DJ Hero Turntable.

9. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY – Camargo Gamer
In mercenaries 2, ny any means you say?

10. Battlefield 1 – you dropped something bud let me get that for you – Zirkelcock
In Battlefield 1, I think you dropped something.

11. Battlefield 1 – Bike Boomerang – (direct file) DJQ321
Also in battlefield, bike boomerang.

12. Battlefield 1 – Feeding an Enemy 49 bullets – Vik Strangle
Lastly in battlefield, 49 bullets and still kicking.

13. PU Battlegrounds – Trust Nobody. Not Even Plants. – Spo8
In Battlegrounds, trust nobody, not even the plants.

14. PU battlegrounds – Best Loot – TunaTrunks
Also in Battlegrounds, TunaTrunks lucks out with this loot.

15. PU Battlegrounds – killing off the flying squad one by one (direct file) – Candystealer
Here, Candystealer takes out this flying squad one by one.

16. PU Battlegrounds – Scaring the SHIT out of a kid after being pinned down in a shack for 10 minutes. – Khan The Great
The tension in this clip is topped only by the reaction when everything finally goes down.

17. PU Battlegrounds – nerves of steel (direct file) – jahbaz
Let’s end today with this clip of Jahbaz who has nerves of steel.

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