Highlight Reel #302 – Prey NPC Has Had It With These Turrets

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1. For Honor – There’s the door, now get out (direct file) secrecy274
In For Honor, there’s the door now get out.

2. Overwatch – Straight Out Of A Horror Movie- Racingcatz

3. GTA V – Accidental Parachute reckage – Qnasher
In GTA, parachute mayhem.

4. Mario Kart 8 – I like this game – (direct file) DigitalFarewell
Mario Kart 8 is a test from god.

5. Mass Effect: Andromeda – I would never mess with you – Stuart Simpson
You messing with me?

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda – Just Andromeda Things – MutatedAnthrax
OK, let’s try that again.

7. Prey – rude npc – the deathly creeper
In prey, we’re kinda busy here.

8. Prey – Out of my way Turret Scum – Wandering_Thoughts
Also in prey, these turrets are BS

9. Battlefield 1 – 1-2-3 combo – ImaculatlyLubed
In Battlefield 1, this 1-2-3 combo

10. Battlefield 1 – Harambe and Circle Jerk death – PILMER
Also in Battlefield, rip harambe and these guys screwing around.

11. Battlefield 1 – Premature T-baggery – VoltageXxV
Lastly, premature t-bagging.

12. Titanfall 2 – Surprise grapple – (direct file) ManlySyrup
In Titanfall 2, unexpected surprise.

13. Titanfall 2 – I clenched so hard I bled (direct file) – pigasisgaming
Also in TItanfall 2, close call.

14. Titanfall 2 – xEpykxZenGarden
Watch as the pull from this gravity star grenade yields this unlikely kill.

15. PU Battlegrounds – Sometimes you need to take a step back (direct file)- rookie-mistake
In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, sometimes you need to step back a bit.

16. PU Battlegrounds – Oh that’s a Good idea, 1Game 2Massive Granade failures – eObliv1on
1 game, 2 grenade failures.

17. PU Battlegrounds – Sniping from 900m – SverreAV
In Battlegrounds, from downtown.

18. PU Battlegrounds – lol – rewrite
Lastly in battlegrounds, what an dramatic end to a match.

19. Super Smash Bros. Melee – Musical Mango – Nicholas Goss/Mango
Lastly today, Nicholas Goss and St. Olaf College score this Highlight Reel of Smash player Mango.

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