Highlight Reel #296 – Video Game Hero Punches Cow Into Pieces

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1.Just Cause 3 – Viva La Revolution! – Coldburn
In Just Cause 3, viva la revolution!

2. Dark Souls III – Backstab to the Future. – AdamBarker89
In Dark Souls III, Adam Barker backstabs to the future.

3. The Saboteur – the tenderizer – MuzTube
In The Sabatour, World War II was brutal.

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda – Double Peebee – Lehkeri
In Mass Effect, there are too many Peebees.

5. Nier: Automata – Just Keep Rolling – (direct file) Momun
In Nier, dodge.exe has crashed.

6. Rainbow 6: Siege – Through The Legs – Favi _
In Rainbow 6, tactical positioning is important.

7. Hitman – Utterly Unreal – gamertagsuck187
In Hitman, this utterly unreal moose.

8. Nioh – get down mr. president – MaRs Strife
In Nioh, get down Mr. President.

9. Overwatch – Lucio had to improvise – Readek
In Overwatch, this Lucio improvises.

10. Mafia III – Invincible Protesters – Stephen Harrison
In Mafia III, these protesters are invincible and have John Wick-like reflexes.

11. Mafia III – That must have hurt – rick
Look if you don’t like the Gumbo you could have just said something.

12. Battlefield 4 – Fuck stay clear – BrazaBrosef 1
In battlefield 4, he’s right, you should stay clear.

13. Battlefield 1 – Massacre – WiGGY TuRBO
In Battlefield 1, wiggy cleans up.

14. Yakuza 0 – Hey Yo! – A Generic Name
Lastly today, the breakdancing in Yakuza 0 gets out of control.

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