Xbox One on the Rise?

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Is the Xbox One on the rise? Looking at the new financial report, things don’t look that bad for the eggs box one. But is it too little too late?

Switch Can CONNECT up to 10 Consoles TOGETHER

Call of Duty Going Back to its Roots

E3 2017 Open to the Public

1000 Year BAN for Creepy Counter-Strike Player

YouTuber Pleads Guilty

Blizzard Issues WARNING to Console Players

Sony’s Very Grateful for the PS4

Titanfall 2 Not a Failure

Resident Evil 7 Cracked in Record Time

Butt Controversy 2017

Players Upset Over Teabagging Ban


Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki

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I like video games, especially really crappy ones, but I’m also a fan of good ones too. I wanted to be a professional gamer, before there was professional gaming, I thought I’d travel around the country in a van, playing games at the arcade. Sadly that didn’t happen.

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