[4K] DF Videocast #8: Every Native 4K 60fps PS4 Pro Game Tested!

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Dave and Tom convene to test out every single PS4 Pro game *reported* to run at native 4K at 60fps. Do they actually deliver? It’s been a long haul, but here are the results. Jump directly to the game of your choice here:

00:54 – Bound (Geometry 4K)
04:00 – Darksiders Warmastered Edition (1620p)
05:50 – Diablo 3 (Dynamic up to 4K)
07:13 – Futuridium EP Deluxe (Not Patched Yet – 1080p)
08:45 – FIFA 17 (Native 4K)
10:37 – Helldivers (Checkerboard 4K)
11:36 – Hustle Kings (Native 4K, HDR)
12:28 – Let It Die (1440p)
13:25 – Mantis Burning Racing (Native 4K, HDR)
14:11 – NBA 2K17 (Native 4K, HDR)
15:37 – Neon Chrome (Native 4K)
16:35 – Pro Evolution Soccer 17 (Native 4K)
18:19 – Rez Infinite (Native 4K)
19:55 – Smite (Dynamic up to 4K)
22:04 – Thumper (Native 4K)
22:36 – Viking Squad (Native 4K)
22:40 – Wheels of Aurelia (Native 4K)

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