PAX Aus 2016: GameSpot Theatre Panels, Friday November 4

GameSpot is curating a theatre full of panels at PAX Aus 2016, and you can see and hear everything right here! FULL SCHEDULE BELOW:


10:30am – 11:30am: Game Trailers – So Hype or Too Hype?

We love to watch them, to nitpick them, to get a feel for an exciting new game. How do the people who make trailers balance maximising excitement with not overselling or confusing future players? Just how important is a trailer these days—for game both big and small?

Mick Hammell [Head of Production, Plastic Wax]
Chris Wright [Managing Director, Surprise Attack]
Ike Hamon [Marketing, Weta Workshop]
Seamus Byrne [Editor, CNET]

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Playing on Hard Mode: The Psychology of Dark Souls

Why are difficult games so compelling? Whether you defeated the Soul of Cinder or heard your friend obsess over Ornstein & Smough, you’ve wondered what makes Souls games special. We’ll explore a key factor; accomplishment. Accomplishment contributes to wellbeing, and the difficulty woven into Souls games makes success hard earned. Praise the Sun! What do Souls games make us feel? Why does removing freedoms improve it? Why are Souls fans so devoted? Join us in jolly cooperation to find out!

Josh Muller [Psychologist, MCRI]
Shell Osborne [Department Coordinator – Games Programming, CG Spectrum]
Jane Cocks [PhD Candidate, University Sunshine Coast]
Jennifer Hazel [Psychiatrist, Prescription Pixel]

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Changing Nature of Games Media

Join a diverse panel of media personalities for an illuminating discussion on the fast-evolving games media landscape, and how the industry, publications, platforms and individuals are navigating and capitalising on that change to reach gamers in new and different ways.

Nic Healey [Breakfast Presenter, 2ser 107.3FM]
Jessie James [GeekandGamerGirl]
Jess McDonell [Producer, GameSpot]
Lewis Mitchell [Partner Associate ANZ,]
David Hollingworth [Next Media, Managing Editor]

3:00pm – 4:30pm: Can’t Code, Can’t Draw: The Many Creative Jobs in Videogames

There are many jobs in game design that don’t require coding skills or art qualifications. We speak to a panel of industry creative experts about the many different skills they need and what they look for when hiring into these less well known areas of creativity.

Seamus Byrne [Editor, CNET]
Georgia Van Cuylenburg [Voice Actress, Final Fantasy XIII]
Corey May [Narrative Director, Certain Affinity]
Mick Gordon [Composer, DOOM]
Sebastien Mitton [Art Director, Arkane Studios]

4:30pm – 5:30pm: The Sims 4 Community Panel

Join Deligracy and The Sims Supply to celebrate all things The Sims.

The Sims Supply

6:00pm – 7:00pm: RIOT Games Presents: Becoming a Professional eSports Player

Some of the OPL’s biggest names are stopping by to talk about how you can make it to the top in OCE.

Tim “Carbon” Wendel
Simon “Swiffer” Papamarkos
Nathan “Rippi” Mott
Jake “Spawn” Tiberi
Daniel “CptStupendous” Ringland
Michael “Hingers” Hing

7:30pm – 8:30pm: It’s Okay to Draw on Board Games

The Legacy system, also known as the only good reason to play Risk more than once, is the new hotness in board gaming. We take a look at why the downright sacrilegious practice of writing on boards and ripping up cards has become so popular, spite being the most powerful motivator in naming countries and what happens when you open little packets of cards that read ‘DO NOT OPEN EVER’.

Luke Lancaster [Associate Editor, CNET]
Phoebe Wild [Reviewer, Cardboard Vault]
Jaime Lawrence [Director of Experience, Good Games]
Nathan Cocks [The Fourth Player]
Paul Houlihan [Business Director, Double Jump Communications]

9:00pm – 10:00pm: Who’s Panel Is It Anyway?

In front of a live audience, the creators of FRAMED and a panel of notable game and comic book artists will be creating a comic strip written by the audience.

With a series of blank comic panels on screen, audience members will take it in turns to describe the next step in the story, what the characters will say, and how the comic panel will look. Much like the hit game FRAMED (and its upcoming sequel, FRAMED 2), the outcome of each scene is decided by the audience, and the loose ends of the story may not be resolved!

Join the FRAMED team and an eclectic cast of creators as they host what promises to be a panel filled with great puns, nonsensical story lines, and one that blurs the lines between audience and creators. This is one impromptu event at PAX Aus that cannot be missed!

Tristan Jones [Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo Comics, Image Comics, IDW]
Ken Wong [Mountains, Monument Valley]
Lucy Morris [IGDA, Play by Play]

10:30pm – 11:30pm: Shit Game Promotional Material Giveaway Via Trivia

As advertised.

Dan Crowd [Video Producer, GameSpot]
Jess McDonell [Producer, GameSpot]
Edmond Tran [AU Editor, GameSpot]

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