Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge – Ep. 14: Wonder Trade Roulette

A majority of this episode is made up of two incredibly tense battles, with an experimental transition in-between. We’re getting close now, gang!


1) I can only catch the first Pokemon I encounter in each area. This counts gift and traded Pokemon.

1a) If that first encounter is a Pokemon I’ve already caught, I can keep searching until my first encounter with a new Pokemon.

2) If a Pokemon faints, I must deposit it in the PC and release it as soon as possible. No exceptions!

3) No healing items (Potions, Antidotes, Lemonade, etc.) can be used in battle. Held items and healing moves are still permitted.

4) I have to play the game in Set mode.

5) After each gym completion, I have to Wonder Trade a member of my winning team. The duplicate clause also applies here.

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